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Planning is a gift that lives on.

~ Planning now for the future ~ 

Leaving family members with the burden of funeral arrangements may be leaving them hurt, confused and overwhelmed. 

At a time when your family most needs to seek comfort, they will be seeking answers -- sorting papers, calling attorneys and perhaps worrying about final expenses. 

Yet, for you to gather the necessary details now will take a fraction of the time it would take your family. 

Contact us today for a consultation in our office or in the privacy of your home. Together, we will help you organize the necessary information quickly and easily. There is no charge for this valuable service. 

~ Planning takes the mystery out of final arrangements ~

Like many people, you may have certain misconceptions about what happens following the death of a family member. For instance, did you realize that a will is most often read after the funeral service? It's true. So, wishes you may have expressed about your funeral service may not be known until it is over. 

Is your family aware of the Social Security, V.A. and private insurance benefits they would be entitled to in the event of your death? Our pre-arrangement service makes sure this important information is recorded permanently and is readily available to your heirs when necessary. 

Are you aware how easy and affordable it is to prepay funeral expense through our Secured Funeral Plans®? It is a valued service we provide to many of our neighbors. With Secured Funeral Plans® 100% of all funds prepaid are held in our Trust and deposited locally in FDIC insured banks. The interest earned by your account adds to your fund to offset increases in cost due to inflation or other factors. Additionally, money set aside now may be considered exempt if you later need to qualify for medicaid benefits. We can help you conserve the assets that you will need for funeral expenses. There are many other benefits beyond these financial considerations. Please call us now for an appointment. 

~ Planning is a way of life at Perkins Funeral Home, Inc. ~

For over 80 years, the Perkins Family has served the community with guidance, concern and professional integrity. We understand the difficulties families face when someone they love dies, and we have dedicated ourselves to serving people during this difficult time. 

As licensed professional funeral directors, we urge you to plan now for the future. When families plan, it greatly eases the confusion that might otherwise occur. 

Please call us for a brief conference at your convenience at 844-8161. If you have a question or concern, click here and a licensed funeral director will answer your inquiry. Click Here to Start Pre-planning with Secured Funeral Plans®.

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